Medical Plan Administrative Services

Medical, Dental and Vision Benefit Plans

3PAdministrators specializes in the administration of “self-funded” medical, dental and vision benefit plans. Healthcare plans, costs and specifics can be overwhelming and confusing. As specialists in the industry, 3PAdministrators will ensure that each plan is explained accurately and effectively; and we’ll even manage the paperwork. Our personalized Medical Plan services include:

  • Obtaining and Administering Stop-Loss Insurance
  • Developing and Managing Plan Documents
  • Employee Enrollment
  • Distribution of Enrollment Cards
  • Review Services to Ensure Cost-Effectiveness
  • Issuing Explanation of Benefits (EOBs) and Payments for Services
  • Short-term Disability Application Review, Eligibility and Effective Dates
  • COBRA Plans
  • Managing and Monitoring Payments for Short-term Disability and COBRA Plans

3PAdministrators is known for our accountability and transparency. We consistently monitor each plan’s activity and effectiveness and provide you with personalized on-going reporting on our results. Monthly and Quarterly reports will provide summaries and analyses to determine potential renewal issues or necessary benefit adjustments. As your healthcare administrator, 3PAdministrators will be with you every step of the way, so you will never ever feel left in the dark.


The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) is often challenging to understand as well as implement. 3PAdministrators assumes this burden on behalf of our customers, ensuring compliance with the legislation. In order to facilitate compliance, we will provide education and assistance in regard to both privacy and security. We will manage and review certificates of coverage for enrollees and assess the pre-existing exclusion periods. We will also provide certificates to those whose coverage is terminated. Additionally, at 3PAdministrators you can count on the security of your data. Our computer network is equipped with multiple safeguards to guarantee privacy and exceed HIPPA requirements.

Online Capabilities

3PAdministrators provides 24/7 secure and easy online access to plan information for employers, plan participants and healthcare providers.

  • Employers can receive online enrollment requests from new employees and plan change information from participants, significantly reducing the burden on the Human Resources Department.
  • Participants can view their processed claims and track the amount of deductible and out-of-pocket expenses they have satisfied, and download plan-related forms. Additionally a plan document detailing benefits is available for review or download.
  • Healthcare providers have access to their participants’ benefit, eligibility and claims status information.

Medical Advocate Program (MAP)

3PAdministrators is proud to offer our clients free access to the Medical Advocate Program (MAP), a tool designed to educate employees with their medical questions and available healthcare options. This unique program offers participants access to qualified medical professionals 24/7 that are trained to offer education and assistance regarding health and medical options. Click here to watch an informational video.